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"Crypt of Insomnia" it's "one man band" project.
Various working styles: groove, thrash, melodic death, sludge, doom, ambient, progressive rock 70s, acoustic rock, art rock, cinematic piano and melodies.
Basis of the project "Crypt of Insomnia" is an atmospheric sound and hightech play, also thinking outside the box musical theories.
Each album have own style, each track in each album is standalone style.
(Project targets mostly instrumental music)

  • Project has a lot of diverse material to be published in the near future. Currently released three albums and one E.P. [+ one album and one E.P. unofficial released]

The single is self-titled 

Project still remains active, and I hope that this will continue for a long time. In support of my words, i present to you a small single. The single is self-titled. Is a new record and a new work. I hope everyone can find some parts of own atmosphere in this composition.

This is independent single which will not be included in any albums or compilations.

History of Insomnia 

In section "discography"  open blog "History Of Insomnia"
There will be written moments of creation songs, some  thoughts and other things.
Due to the particular qualities of the text expounded, narrative will be displayed in the native language.

Broadcast "Crypt of Insomnia"

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Best track on "Depersonalization" album [LIMITED EDITION 9/9/2014]

Depersonalization: Start Act 102
Solemnity 125
Viscid Drowse 305
Past Life Regression 499
Print Of Energy 220
One Despite All 760
Connection Times 152
Endless Blooming 153
Depersonalization: Last Act 304
"new mix all awesome" 47
2667 responses
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