Crypt of Insomnia

by Crypt of Insomnia

"The first album includes records from April 2009 to October 2010.
It contains an autumnal mood, gloomy melancholy and bright celebration, hard tunes of maelstrom and depressive gray light.
From smoldering ashes of the notes to the sparkling ash blast beats."

basic album styles: Atmospheric Metal, Post Rock, Doom Metal, Metal Core, Thrash Metal, Art Rock, Ambient Rock, Depressive Rock.

Length: 46 m. 50 s.
Tracks: 9

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Best track on "first album"

Renaissance 100
Mind Decompression 57
Eternal Twilight of Autumn 44
Vortex in The Dead Sky 99
Lethargic Sleep Hall 36
Foggy Hills 80
Eternal Twilight of Autumn [Part II] 44
Transparent Room 126
In My Time of Death... 147
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